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How well you do in prospecting will directly determine how well you do in your business...

Now You Can Learn How To Make Prospecting Profitable And Fun!

Get an insiders grasp of the simple, proven, conversational approach that has allowed our students to earn MILLIONS in their own network marketing businesses.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

What people are saying...

The first five minutes really pissed me off because it described perfectly what happened to me and others I know. Loved the video. So glad you guys have put this out into the marketplace... it's sorely needed!

~ Shelly Allen ~

The material is broken down and easy to understand. The education I has instilling confidence in me to go out there and get what I want!

~ Michael Pintilie ~

I LOVE this training! Thanks so much for sending it to me. The format is so easy to learn from. This is simply the BEST thing I
have come across since joining my networking business.

~ Deborah Ireland ~

It’s amazing how you all have put this into terms or ways that is so easy to understand. I have heard some of this before but not the way you all have put it. Now it feels like I understand and I know I can put it into action!

~ Ryan Sullivan ~

I love Leaders Club because of their no hype, manipulation or BS approach. This program is simply the best I’ve found.

~ Frank Nicholas ~

I've read a bunch of network marketing books that make you all warm and fuzzy without actually telling you how to do anything. I've had many personal, and corporate, websites, blogs, and ads, that generated nothing other than a lot of network marketers trying to recruit me into their opportunity. FINALLY I’ve found a solution that works.

~ Martin Heald ~

I watched this for several weeks and made notes. Today, I threw away my prospecting script and followed your prospecting approach and guess what? I'm signing up distributors!

~ Christine Phillips-Caldwell ~

This has been highly instrumental in proving to me that it is possible to grow a network marketing business without greed - before Leaders Club, that was a major "missing puzzle piece" for me.

~ Chris Bland ~

I’ve purchased thousands of dollars worth of courses and not one place does they mention how to find what your prospect is looking for to see if what you have to offer and what they are looking for is a match. This is by far the best investment I’ve ever made into my business.

~ Eric Thurber ~

I learned to generate leads as an Attraction Marketer, but still felt I lacked the CORE Skills required to build a long term business. This training fills in the gaps that will earn me a hefty residual income.

~ Barbie Figueroa ~

I am very happy to know that you can build a business out of your warm market and help others be successful. Just learning how to qualify people before even showing them your plan is monumental information.

~ Andrew Jaap ~

Leaders Club has delivered the missing piece in my network marketing success. Success in network marketing is as easy as, and as guaranteed as if I went to college to be a lawyer or doctor.

~ Mark Chin ~

This really helped me to reflect on a number of mistakes that I made in trying to recruit prospects in the past and gave me insight to some of the new techniques that I will start applying. I love the natural approach.

~ Sheila Meyers ~

This is truly a gold mine. I bought quite a few other training courses only to find that the course was a lead in to yet another book or program to buy for the rest of the training. Thankfully this is the real deal. For under $20 it’s a no brainer.

~ Debbie Harland ~

I am happy to tell you that I earned my first commission check yesterday! How? I used your approach to work with my warm market naturally, in context and with patience.

~ Inguna Krumina ~

Who are Andre Vatke & Steve Sakal anyway?

Take a few minutes to catch some of the free advice Andre and Steve have provided.




Leaders Club has no tolerance for hype - it speaks the unvarnished truth. This is the kind of teaching, and these are the kinds of principles that I believe every Network Marketer needs to be exposed to. You help to 'raise the bar' in terms of our credibility, to become recognized as a true profession.

~ Peter Arnold ~

Most network marketing training’s and 'gurus' tell you that you can make $10,000 a month but don't tell you how to get to the point of breaking even. This is what I appreciate about this training - learning how (in a systematic manner) to start building my business during those first few months or years.

~ Richard & Elizabeth White ~





From the desk of Andre Vatke

Dear Networker,

Let’s face it, prospecting isn’t a lot of fun for most network marketers.

In fact, it can be downright terrifying.

Contacting your friends and family is awkward. And even worse is contacting acquaintances, your old high school classmates or the parents on your kids soccer team.

And it’s not really any better when prospects call you. Your mouth dries up, your palms get sweaty and worst of all your mind goes blank. So you just try to say everything you can think of about your business or product as your prospect is looking for the proverbial exit.

More often than not the end result is the same... the prospect doesn’t buy and they sure as heck don’t join you in business and you convince yourself that prospecting sucks.

Yet for over 20 years as a network marketing professional I’ve observed one consistent factor over and over again...

How well you do in prospecting will directly determine how well you do in your business.

No other single factor accounts for so much...

...not how well you can build a website, how good you are at running ads or generating leads not even how good you are at writing blog posts or creating video’s. Nothing trumps prospecting skills when it comes to how much money you will make with your business. Here’s why...

Prospecting Is The Master Skill

I’ve studied and tracked over 375 successful network marketing organizations for over 20 years. One thing that’s true for ALL long term successful organizations is that they are based on interpersonal relationships - more so than on anything else.

Yes, some organizations have been built due to the strength of a single persons marketing or because they caught a trend at just the right time... but they never last more than a few years.

The organizations that last and abound with vibrant, happy members are the ones that exemplify the caring and personal nature of network marketing. And the foundations of successful relationships are built in prospecting.

The reason your network marketing isn’t growing is because...

Popular Advice Creates Sales At The Expense Of The Relationship

If you listen to what’s popular today, you’d be convinced that if you made just the right promises people would join you in droves.

The problem is that those promises quickly turn to hype. Most ads and landing pages for network marketing opportunities are saturated with hype and overblown promises.

Ask any person critical of network marketing what their core issue really is and it will come back down to network marketing living up to it’s promises.

But who’s fault is that?

Think about that for a second and hold on to it, because It’s not the fault of network marketing itself.

You see, hype can spur sales. But it does so at the expense of future business.

It assumes that the prospect is gullible... even dumb and that their desire for a quick fix will outweigh their better judgment.

The problem is that once your prospect realizes that you cannot deliver on your promises they will bail - that means no reorders, no referrals and definitely no promotion.

In fact, what they will do is go out of their way to tell others of their bad experience.

This is why systems collapse!

Think about it... when was they last time you got enthusiastic after you realized that things were not as easy as promised.

And now add to that the fact that 3 out of 4 people are abandoned by their sponsor and upline as soon as they join a company and you can now see for yourself the importance of honest prospecting skills.

The #1 investment you can make into your own success - into the success of your entire network marketing organization - is to master the art of prospecting.

Nothing else will boost the results you get from your promotions, blogs, ads, cold calls, email or any point you communicate with prospects.


Because our prospecting approach allows you to reach out to the prospect in the way they want to be reached out to. In essence you stop trying to market and convince them into your business and simply engage them in something they already want to be engaged in.

Here’s why prospecting skills build network marketing empires...

When you resort to hype, as I mentioned above, you setup a chain reaction that requires you to be a sponsor monster in order to succeed. And because there is little to no duplication you not only need to do everything yourself... the moment you stop your income starts to freefall. That is assuming you were able to beat all your competitors to begin with.

That’s hardly the network marketing dream, is it?

Real network marketing is about everyone doing a little... not a lot. Step number one is simply to break even. This doesn’t take a lot of distributors or customers. In fact most marketers can do this with their warm market - just a handful of customers.

Once you break even you have the hands on experience to help your business builders repeat this process. The end result is an organization filled with active builders that each have active customers.

The problem is that traditional prospecting methods pretty much kill your warm market while making working with leads or prospects calling from ads about a hundred times more difficult than it really should be.

Which is why I’ve devoted over a decade to helping people like you...

Learn Relaxed, No Hype, Natural Prospecting.

Up until now our easy and extremely effective approach has only been available to members of our elite training program. But frankly, we’re sick of seeing hopes and dreams go up in smoke because of some pretty crazy prospecting advice.

We created our “Master The Art of Prospecting” DVD for you!

On “Master The Art of Prospecting” I team up with my friend and network marketing professional Steve Sakal to reveal not only where the network marketing industry gets it wrong - where they make critical mistakes when it comes to prospecting - but how to get prospecting right.

Steve is one of the most natural and successful prospectors I have ever met - and I’ve worked with many of the industries top earners! No one has ever presented a more natural approach to prospecting.

We’ve taken several years and literally millions of dollars to study and dissect why this approach is so successful.

In doing so we’ve also made it simple and duplicatable... after all isn’t network marketing supposed to be simple and duplicatable?

On this DVD we walk you through a prospecting conversation and then break down exactly what makes it work - from first approach to final close and even beyond.

The best part is we made this 2 hour DVD available for just $18.95!

Look, we put our money where our mouth is. If you want to make a change you have to make that change accessible. Our customers have told us we could easily charge $200 for this program and it would still be a good deal. In fact, that’s my guarantee to you...

arrow-maroon-2I’m so confident this DVD will blow your socks off that I want you to send it back for a full refund if you don’t completely agree that it’s worth 10 times what you paid!

Imagine actually looking forward to prospecting.

You’ll soon be building a team of friends all around the country and globe. People with a common mission - positive and upbeat. That’s what mastering the art of prospecting can do for you!

Order “Master The Art of Prospecting” Today

Some of my personal clients and Leaders Club students earn over $500,000 a year. I’m not saying this to impress you, but to impress upon you the very real, income producing power our strategies can have on your business.

I won’t imply that if you watch this DVD you’ll find the same level of success – that’s ridiculous.

What I do promise is that our prospecting strategies and concepts will make a difference in your confidence, comfort level and in the number of people you sponsor.

Get a copy today.

To your success,


Andr้ Vatke, Founder
Leaders Club

P.S. There’s no upsell... you will positively learn our natural and stress free approach to prospecting. There’s nothing else you need to buy to make it work!

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