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Accurate MLM Income Calculator

This is the first and only  income calculator that is modeled on real world organizations. While the income predictions provided by this calculator are not a guarantee of your future earning they do represent achievable and probable results based on your own documented actions.

What you need to know...

  1. This calculator is not based on geometric growth (example: 5 who get 5...) because this never happens in real life. It calculates organizational growth based on real world numbers and accounts for duplication of leadership as well as attrition.
  2. We’ve modeled hundreds of organizations to create a highly accurate model of MLM growth. It is still only a model - not a rule or crystal ball. Look for trends in the calculation rather than focus on specific numbers.
  3. The MLM Income Calculator will demonstrate that a minimum activity of 3 new distributors a month is required to find reasonable growth over a 24 month period. The ideal recruiting number is 5 to 20 new distributors a month. (Higher numbers reduce personal interaction which dramatically increases attrition.)
  4. The calculation is based on unilevel compensation plans with up to 5 levels. If your plan differs significantly from this, the compensation part of the calculation may not be accurate, but the total number of downline distributors will still be accurate based on your past performance.

How to use the MLM Income Calculator: Just complete the form, filling in your compensation plan percentages, the actual number of people recruited into your program over the past 90 days (or your hypothetical tests - i.e. 15 people over 90 days = 5 per month) and the average commissionable volume for your organization. You may also include optional information on how much you would like to make and the calculator will show you what level of action will be required to get there and how long it will take.

How To Calculate Average Commisionable Volume:

To calculate the average commisionable volume per distributor in your organization take the total volume you can earn commission on and divide by the number of people in your organization (active and inactive).
Some companies don’t give a total volume for the organization. In this case you would add the commisionable volume of all active distributors and then divide by the total number of distributors
If you are unsure use the industry averages, which are between $45 and $65 per distributor. This number is based on calculations derived from the statements released by publicly traded MLM companies.  If your own numbers vary significantly from these averages, be sure to double check for accuracy.
Since actual earnings in MLM derive from actual sales of products, figuring an accurate average volume is vital in creating a true picture of your earning potential.
One organization we observed had over 8000 members. Yet with only around 600 members ordering, the average commisionable volume per distributor was only $12. Another group had just under 500 members with an average volume of $85 per distributor. Ironically the leaders of both organizations earned about the same amount. This shows that there is more to MLM then just sponsoring people

Enter your data and discover your true earning potential over the next 4 years:


How many people have you personally recruited into your MLM program over the past 90 days?

What is the average commisionable volume per distributor in your organization?

Compensation Plan Details: (enter the percent paid by level)

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Your Goals: (optional)

I would like to make $ per month.


The Science Behind The
Accurate MLM Income Calculator:

Based on real world data and actual organizations:

    Most MLM income examples are based on a good idea that simply doesn’t work in real life: geometric progression.  Geometric progressions (5 who sponsor 5 who sponsor 5, etc.) show the potential of network marketing and illustrate the power of duplication. Yet they do not account for the many factors of actual organizational growth.

    In a geometric growth example of 5 who get 5 (ad infinitum), one would end up with an organization equal to the ENTIRE population of the United States of America within 12 levels! Furthermore, one would end up with the entire population of the world (over 7 Billion People) within 14 levels! Considering how long network marketing has been around (over 100 years) this should have happened many times over by now, but it hasn’t. Why not?

    Real organizations grow based on a variety of factors. These include but are not limited to your personal action, the development of leaders, and the leadership skills of those leaders. The company, product or service, and the ease of duplication all play into the long-term success of an organization. Other factors such as attrition (people quitting), lack of skills and distributor laziness are always working against the growth factors and can actually cause organizations to collapse over time.

Limitations of this calculator:

    This calculator is based on observing over 1000 organizations, successful and unsuccessful, over a 15-year time frame. The organizations represented multiple network marketing companies. While this makes for a very realistic calculation of what is POSSIBLE, it is not necessarily what WILL happen for you. Only you can take steps to fulfill your potential!

    Long-term calculation of organizational growth is rather like long-term weather prediction. It’s possible to get a general idea, but difficult to get an accurate picture due to the enormous number of ever changing variables. Keep in mind that much of what you get out of network marketing is based on what you put into it. This calculator is the first and only one to show this fact realistically.

How to use this calculator and
what you should look for:

    Use this calculator to help you assess the potential of your present level of action. One primary factor in the growth of your own business will be your level of action. The idea that you can make a lot of money doing nothing is false. You can make a lot of money in network marketing, as this calculator accurately shows, but how much you make will depend on how much you put in and for how long.

    You will notice that with a certain level of action, it is entirely possible to create a growing and thriving network marketing business almost indefinitely. However, when you fall below a certain level of action and you will fail to gain momentum in your organization. Too high a level of personal action will result in a lack of leadership development, which will translate to a high dropout rate that will eventually destroy the business.

    Use this calculator to determine what a realistic goal is for you. Use it to determine how long it will take you to reach your income goals and what level of personal action it will take.

    Your success will ultimately rest on your consistent action over a longer period of time. Most people sponsor less than 1 per month and quit their MLM business by month 4. They move on to what they feel will be an easier opportunity. This calculator illustrates why this is a guaranteed road to long-term failure.

    If you aren’t certain how to reach your goals, or how to maintain a consistent level of action, Leaders Club can help. We can show you how you can reach your earnings goals with your present company.

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