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Where "Attraction Marketing" Guru's Got It Wrong

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connect-on-facebookThere are two serious problems with the Attraction Marketing formulas taught by many network marketing guru's.

What is sold as "Attraction Marketing" is actually just part 1 of a 4 part advertising formula that over 100 years old. Learn how to leverage the powerful phenomena

Program Transcript & Notes:

The BIG Problem With Attraction Marketing In Network Marketing

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I once heard a presentation by a network marketing guru on YouTube explaining that attraction marketing is basically just standing out from the crowd.

The analogy he used was that if you were on the coast and looked in at the fish in the water which ones would you notice?

If all the fish were gray which ones would you actually notice?

He said you wouldn’t notice a gray fish among a bunch of gray fish, but that that you would definitely notice a bright yellow fish.

This one stands out from the crowd... it demands your attention... which is as this guru pointed out, what attraction marketing is all about.

He implied that by simply standing out from the crowd you will attract business to you - that being different is all it takes.

And this is a point that has confused a lot of network marketers and caused thousands to invest into marketing without a real payoff. It’s like you’re treated as a sucker - rather than given the full, unvarnished truth.

Here’s the problem...

Attraction marketing as explained in the example of this guru is really just the first part of a classic advertising formula - a formula that’s over 100 years old by the way. It’s nothing more than getting attention.

And attention is an important factor in advertising and marketing - but it’s not the only one and it’s not even the most important. Attention alone does not equal business - and the wrong kind of attention can even harm it.

There are two serious problems with the Attraction Marketing formulas taught by many guru’s.

The first is the “Adaptation of Competitors”

In our bright yellow fish example, being a different color sure does make you stand out from the crowd.

And when you look at this image... one fish is definitely not like the others.

The problem is that as soon as your competitors notice that you are getting attention that they aren’t, they start to mimic what you do.

First you have a few copy fish but it doesn’t take long for you to not be all that special anymore.

And I’ve heard attraction marketers argue that you just need to keep being different... but that’s easier said than done...

The only way to make this work is to constantly be ahead of the pack... to move on to the next thing and make everyone else adapt to you. Which is a great direct marketing strategy... but it’s futile for network marketing were we are actually trying to duplicate our efforts - in other words being the same by following a proven model.

Simply being different isn’t a formula for network marketing success.

The second major problem we’ve found is that in many cases where marketers are able to stand out and attract prospects in some way, they attract them to a flawed product, service or system.

In other words, what is delivered in terms of product, service, company and upline support, even earnings - isn’t as advertised or implied. This in turn creates buyers remorse and low retention - like we talked about in Tip 22.

In thousands of personal interviews Leaders Club researchers have conducted, over 80% of those actively promoting a network marketing business could not answer 3 basic questions just about every prospect has.

And they are...

These questions represent a foundation for your entire business. Not knowing the answers is like building a house without setting footers.

We can attract people all day long... but what are we attracting them to? And once we do what are our prospects really thinking?

Are they thinking that the business seems really simple and easy to duplicate or are they thinking “I’ll never be able to say all of that... I’ll have no idea how to build a website, run an ad campaign and I’m not sure I want to put my face out there on YouTube.”

The bottom line is that before you worry about attracting customers or distributors, make sure you have a solid system - a company with a great distributor experience - something simple that will duplicate many times over without stepping on anyone else’s toes in the process - something that doesn't require each person to reinvent the wheel... (or themselves) every few months.

Once you have that, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can build your network marketing organization and the income will follow!

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