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“It’s awesome to think that making $500 a month was just the start of it!”

Leaders Club has been helping people like you create secure and rewarding network marketing businesses since 1994!

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From the desk of Leaders Club founder, André Vatke

Saturday, October 22, 2016  

Frankly, if you haven’t yet mastered all the details and nuances of marketing your business, generating qualified leads and converting those leads into long -term business associates and customers, it’s not your fault.

There’s an awful lot to learn.

Since 1994 we have spent millions of dollars testing which advertising and marketing methods work the best.

During that time, we have become the recognized authority on prospecting, relationship marketing, Internet marketing, landing page optimization and network marketing leadership.

Our work is never done, because the landscape keeps changing.

We’ve created over 500 hours of audio training, videos, case histories, special reports, online webinars and live seminars on how to build, manage, and get real results from your network marketing business.

Now you can ask any question about prospecting, marketing or leadership and receive a detailed answer from me and the other members of the Leaders Club Training and Coaching Team.

Not to sound immodest, but we know what we’re talking about.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve guided the marketing and leadership strategy for hundreds of network marketing leaders in the areas of marketing strategy, advertising, lead generation, follow-up, retention strategy, leadership and organizational development.

Just a few of the hundreds of Professional Network Marketers that have paid Leaders Club for marketing research and advice...

Lou Abbott
Bob Alter
Jeffrey Altman
Todd Bates
Alicia Bausley
Derek Bohlken
Linda Bruton
Glenn Burks
Barry Burns
Jim Carpenter
Sean Cox
Mike Dillard
Jay Dorso
Herb Farrell
Barbie Figueroa
Wayne Froemke
Chris Fuchs
Pat Gillespie

Matt Goettsche
Todd Groskreutz
Diane Hochman
Curt Johnson
Jay Kanik
Duane King
Mike Langis
Lon Lindsey
Brian McMullen
John Meatte
Wendy MIlls
Jesus Mejias
Ragon Moore
John Murphy
David Nelson
Stan Pace
Paul Pierce
Brett Rademacher

Jack Rainbolt
Kathy Riley
Scott Rogers
Steve Sakal
Joe Schroeder
Bob Schwartz
Ann Sieg
Dr. William Sukovich
Steve Thorne
Chris Tinney
Pete Vargas
Delina Villa
Joey Watkins
Steven Webber
Harry & Jose Weisser
Erich Winnecke
Daniel Williams
Jeffrey Zalewski

This short list of pros represents over $10,000,000 in annual earnings!

Some of our coaching clients have paid us in excess of $14,000 for our one-on-one advice. Why? Because Leaders Club is designed from the ground up to transform you into an experienced professional - able to think independently and earn the kind of income enjoyed by less than 1%.

Where can you get our expert advice and instruction when you’re on a budget?

The answer may surprise you.

There is a solution to getting detailed, authoritative answers to your most pressing questions about marketing your business, generating qualified leads and converting those leads into long-term business associates and customers. And the fee is so low, I think you’ll want to jump on this offer right away — before we change our mind!

Join Leaders Club today at the special membership fee of only $29 monthly and we’ll answer your questions about prospecting, marketing and leadership, plus give you unlimited online access to our entire training archive (the largest, most comprehensive & proven in the world), our 24 x 7 leadership community and all of our exclusive marketing tools - including landing pages, info products and even your own 100% custom web site.

YES! I’m ready to transform myself into an experienced professional with a secure and rewarding business for life...

I understand that I can review the all the Leaders Club training resources risk-free for 30 days. If I am not completely satisfied, you’ll refund my investment in full. I also understand that I will automatically renew at the $29 rate a month from now unless I contact you beforehand. On that basis, I’m ready to get started!

YES, I want to subscribe to Leaders Club!

Real leaders appreciate Leaders Club because it empowers their entire organization or be more efficient and  more effective. Training and questions are handled in a consistent and logical manner. The end result is that everyone earns more.

Here’s what one industry insider had to say...

      I have served for almost 4 years on the Board Of Directors of the [Network Marketing] Distributor Rights Association - DRA) representing my country of Canada. We on the Board see the good, the bad and the ugly of the Network Marketing industry every single week - with SO many Reps ending up getting hurt with scams and bad deals. Bottom line, I tread carefully before ‘recommending' things.
      I have been associated with many different, and very fine, industry Training Programs over the years (I still am, as I like diversity, and the learning process never ends).  But in particular...
      I would like to say how very, very impressed I am with the high quality of training and education that flows from Leaders Club. This includes your eNewsletter, your weekly Conference Calls, your Audios, Courses, Coaching, Videos, eBooks, Tools, Leads, Mastermind Forum, and the many other outstanding resources and services you so generously provide to our industry. In my opinion, they are unparalleled.
      On a deeper level though - here's what has really captured my attention...
      The fact that Leaders Club has no tolerance for hype - that it speaks the unvarnished truth - that it gives a 'balanced approach' to marketing strategies that embrace both the (so-called) OLD School and NEW School methodologies (based on years of research, analysis and professional experience) - that it focuses not so much on - "what to DO" - but rather, on - "who to BE" - and "how to THINK" -- this is the kind of teaching, and these are the kinds of principles that I believe every Network Marketer needs to be exposed to.
      I now see Leaders Club as a world class community - a wonderful environment - for leadership growth -  for entrepreneurship - for masterminding - empowerment, and for building more profitable businesses.  

      Thank you for what you provide for our industry -- exceptional training / tools / leads / resources and services. You help to 'raise the bar' in terms of our credibility, to become recognized as a true profession.  And as a welcome 'bonus' - you offer a highly attractive opportunity to create a solid and lasting cash flow. 

      - Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC (Canada)

Leaders Club sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

Actually, there are two.

First, there’s a limit of when and where you can ask your questions.

And second, you have to be willing to share your questions and the answers with other Leaders Club members so that our other subscribers can benefit too.

Here’s how it works. You’ll have an opportunity to present your questions to me and other Leaders Club Certified Experts on our live group coaching programs and get specific answers to your specific issue (see case studies and examples below). The second option is through our Individualized Success Plan where you’ll receive your own Personal Success Advisor - this is a real person that you can phone or e-mail your questions throughout the week. Our third option is to submit your question in our 24 x 7 members forum - and get answers and advice from professionals around the globe.

How can we afford to do this? How can we enable you and every other Leaders Club member to ask and receive answers to an unlimited number of questions without charging additional coaching fees?

The answer is simple.

We’ve already answered a lot of specific questions in the past 20 years. The answers are carefully documented and archived in over 500 hours of training audio’s and video’s.

The bottom line is the average Leaders Club member doesn’t need to ask a question every single week - they discover that many of the answers to their questions have already been covered in our audio and video programs or posted in the Leaders Club MasterMind forum.

The entire contents of the Leaders Club MasterMind forum (over 50,000 posts) is searchable and available to Leaders Club members 24/7/365 as is our entire training library.

So we can promise you this: If the answer does not yet exist in the Leaders Club MasterMind forum or in our audio/video/article archive, or you can’t find it, simply call, post or send us an e-mail inquiry. We will either answer your question directly or point you to the existing online answer.

Either way, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Check out just a few of the examples or specific solutions our members have received below. Then, join us and start building the secure and rewarding network marketing business you’ve always dreamed about.

Looking forward to working with you,

André Vatke

YES, I want to subscribe to Leaders Club!

Examples of Live Solutions...

Leaders Club helped the marketers below increase their earnings by solving their specific marketing and prospecting challenges live and one-on-one... (Leaders Club members can ask any question about prospecting, marketing or leadership and receive a detailed answer from our Certified Network Marketing Professionals without paying extra!)

    Example 1 - Listen To The Audio

    Chris used what he learned at Leaders Club to sponsor his first downline member in his first two weeks. Learn how Leaders Club helped him find and connect with prospects and even deal with getting cussed out by a lead without losing a beat.

    Example 2 - Listen To The Audio

    Rodney and Monica learn how to easily approach and qualify their retail customers in a natural and compelling way - without making anyone feel obligated or awkward.

    Example 3 - Listen To The Audio

    Theresa was unable to instill a sense of urgency in her prospects. She learned 4 simple steps to make her qualification process natural and non-threatening.

    Example 4 - Listen To The Audio

    Carol has a prospect who was delaying making a decision. She learned why her approach was breaking down and how to keep her prospect on track.

    Example 5 - Listen To The Audio

    Having tried various “Attraction Marketing” methods without success Wenda came to Leaders Club to learn how to connect with legitimate prospects in a meaningful way. She shares how she knows that Leaders Club really works.

    Learn more about our expert coaching program...

Case Studies...

To watch our members tell their own stories, just click their video window...
Federal Regulations And Full Disclosure About Our Testimonials

    Case Study: Jack Rainbolt

    jack-3-320Jack was contacting thousands of leads a week yet still had a hard time recruiting new distributors. Tapping into the specific marketing and prospecting solutions at Leaders Club, he was able to turn his business around and consistently recruit 5 to 10 people a month into his network marketing business.

    Case Study: Glenn Burks

    glenn-320Glenn had created a top ranked network marketing web site that attracted thousands of visitors a day. He was able to generate many top quality leads yet was having trouble converting them to join his company. Glenn turned to Leaders Club for marketing guidance and learned how to solve his conversion challenges.

    Case Study: Dan Williams

    dan-320Dan came to network marketing after selling another business. More than anything, Dan wanted residual income - something that wasn’t a part of his traditional business. The problem was that he found very little reliable business building advice for network marketing on the internet - that is until he stumbled upon Leaders Club. Since joining and going through the training program he’s gotten immediate recruiting results.

    Case Study: John Murphy

    john-2-320John was told a lot of far fetched stories about network marketing success and tried his hand at more than one company. Frustrated with his progress he didn’t know whom to trust. As John looked into Leaders Club it became very evident that there was clearly a column of people who were successful that wouldn’t have been. Since then, he’s built his own successful organization and uses Leaders Club to help his people to become individual successful marketers rather than clones.

    Case Study: Kendra Widmyer

    Kendra-320Kendra was missing vital knowledge on advertising and marketing as well as the confidence and skill to connect with prospects. She found that not only did her 90 Day Success Plan answer specific questions, it also gave her the confidence to pick up the phone and share what she had learned with others. Now her downline never has to wonder “how do I do this?”

    Case Study: Tony Williams

    tony-320Tony was apprehensive about contacting prospects. Leaders Club provided him with the specific skills he needed to speak with prospects and recruit them into his company. Most importantly Tony found himself connecting with prospects within 90 days. By focusing small, incremental changes Tony is on his way to creating a successful network marketing business.

    Case Study: Justin Giddings

    Justin-320Justin was frustrated with his ability to sponsor people into his business. It wasn’t that he couldn’t sponsor, rather it seemed it was all chance or dumb luck. The biggest problem was that it wasn’t duplicatable. Through Leaders Club he was able to find a system that delivers consistent, trackable, measurable results.

    Case Study: Karlen Frasier

    Karlen-320Karlen knew he wanted to build a network marketing business. He just wasn’t sure how. After some research, he decided Leaders Club would be the best possible way to become a professional in the industry. What he found on the inside was a systematic way to reach his goals and gain the personal independence he craved.

    Case Study: Jeff Coleman

    jeff-c-320After a month of being with his primary company, Jeff realized that he needed some tangible skills in order to be successful in his business. He was attracted to Leaders Club because it offered the most credible way to gain those skills and at the same time use the various tools and resources. After some basic training, Jeff soon found himself much more confident and able to effectively connect with prospects both on the phone and through e-mail.

    Case Study: Sylvia Seamands

    Sylvia-320Sylvia found that while she was able to sell her product at retail she struggled at recruiting other business builders. After going through our course, “How To Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects” she decided to plug into the LIVE network marketing coaching through a monthly membership. What she learned helped her to relax and approach prospects from their point of view instead of the stereotypical mainstream way.

    Case Study: Glenda Moyes

    Glenda-320After many years in network marketing, Glenda had not found the success she was looking for. After seeing the Leaders Club web site and all the tools and training resources she decided to give it a try. What she found was a plan for daily activity that would generate success. She also found a willing and helpful answer to every question she had. She’s now recruiting many more people into her business than she was before.

    Case Study: Marty Petrizza

    marty-320Marty found that everything she had been taught about how to be successful in network marketing just wasn’t the case. From planning to talking with prospects everything had been presented incorrectly. Through Leaders Club Marty learned an ethical marketing approach that didn’t need to have a hidden agenda, rely on hype or make false income claims.

    Case Study: Trevor Campbell

    Trevor-320Trevor felt adrift on the sea of network marketing misinformation. Leaders Club helped him navigate through all this and helped him find his own authenticity in the process. What made Leaders Club so valuable was that he could bounce issues, questions even ideas off other professionals and use that to solve his problems.

Additional Input...

OK I couldn’t resist! Here’s a little more about what makes Leaders Club different...

    Personal Message From: André Vatke

    andre-a1-200 One thing you hear a lot with affiliate programs is that once you join you’re the companies/founders personal prospect - they tell you about program after program, always trying to get you to join something else - a never ending string of programs.

    That doesn’t happen in Leaders Club.

    You don’t get prospected in Leaders Club and leaders really appreciate that fact. With Leaders Club, network marketing leaders don’t need to reinvent the wheel or handhold every new person in their organization. This saves a lot of time and allows leaders to tap into our leadership community for answers and inspiration. In the end, ‘we’ is always smarter than ‘me’ and Leaders Club let’s you harness that.

    Leadership Thoughts by: Steve Sakal

    steve-320Leaders Club isn’t about telling you what to do. After all, you’re an adult. You want real data, proven guidance that will help you think on your own and become a prospecting expert - you don’t want to be be spoon fed one size fits all solutions that never seem to work out.

    We’re here so that you can learn how to make ends meet if that's your choice - that you can create the income you really want. We here so that you can learn how to accomplish, how to fix, how to avoid what ever it is that’s most important in your life today. As long as you’re willing to come in and apply what you have learned from us you can start gaining control of your financial future down the road.

    If you're here you're here looking for a solution, if there is a problem, then think for yourself. Is it something that's worth fixing to you? Or is it something you can live with? And, if it's something you want to change - then take the step. We're here, we're going to help you the rest of the way. If it's something that's wrapped around your heart, if it's something that you can't get off your mind - you can't shake - then come on in. Come on in and talk with us. We'll talk with you and we'll come to a reasonable agreement. We'll reason together to see if in fact we can help you.



"I am still very excited about Leaders Club. I have never seen anything that was exactly (if not more) what they said they were and did so much to train and support their subscribers. Usually, when you come across something like this it sounds good but, quickly becomes a disappointment. I have not seen anything that is even close to a disappointment. Actually it is beyond what I hoped!" – Jim Reagon, IL

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